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Team905 Cycling Team is dedicated to providing cyclist an opportunity to be involved in a competitive, but also community focused cycling team. Our objective is to remain active while contributing to an eco-friendly life style and providing unique visibility to local businesses that support our team. We will be respectful to our fellow cyclist and citizens in an effort to grow awareness about cycling benefits, physically, mentally, and environmentally.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Officially Open

So this is it, the world of blogging. What will this blog bring to those that "follow", I'm not sure yet. First and for most I want to grow the awareness of Team905 and it's wonderful sponsors. Without the sponsors this opportunity to build a team within the Niagara Region would not be available.For the winter (off season) the focus will be on securing current sponsors and adding new sponsors. I will provide updates on progress, challenges, and success's.
In 2011 our team was focused Master category riders. After careful consideration and review, I think we have better opportunity to build the team and awareness of it's sponsors by expanding what categories we race in as a team. So, I have removed the "Master Cycling Team" and will look to build a base of riders in all categories. The Niagara Region has very deep pool of riders in all levels of riding, which should allow us to fulfill our goals for 2012. Look for updates on this Blog or on Twitter. Till Next Time.......

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