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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

WNY ‘cross Kick-off @ Buffalo Ski Club: Stephen Cheung Race Report

That was an insanely hot and hard race @ Buffalo Ski Club this Saturday. Really good 2.6km course with lots of flow, power pitches, slalom descent, a never ending climb halfway up the hill (~70m climbing per lap), then through a forest with steep muddy pitches, then a fast muddy slalom descent straight back down. 

Thanks to the border and also Antje needing a visa, we missed the 10:00h race but we got to ride the 11:20h (45 min) S4 race for no results and starting 1 min behind everyone. I still managed to catch all but the top 5 and would've had the 4th place.

Then we had 30 min to recover before S1/2 and S3 60 min race. Got lapped by 3 of the S1 including Chown but surprised myself with 6th/24 in S3, about 15s behind a top 5. Last two times climbing I was just starting to have my back seize up but luckily no cramping up. Luckily getting lapped meant only 7 instead of 8 laps, and a total of 12 laps and 130 min of CX racing. So incredibly hot that it made my chamber fun in comparison!

Overall a great day of racing and gave me tons of confidence for the season!

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