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Friday, April 19, 2013

20th Paris to Ancaster - Race Reports

Dan Dakin, Dr. Stephen Cheung, Jamie Schuman, and a small group of Niagara region racers headed to the Paris / Ancaster area to brave the always harsh P2A! Stephen has shared his experiences from the day.

Dr. Stephen Cheung

The best part of P2A, besides the fact that it was sunny/dry and there was a slight tailwind, was that we got the chance to channel our inner Sven Nys and really play in the mud! The two chutes are always slimy mud baths, but the recent rains made a good chunk of the single track slick and fun to play on too. There was one "what have I gotten myself into?" moment when I screamed into a mud trench way too fast, but I ended up going with it and just letting it ride and got to the end safely. Oh yeah, thanks again to the kids who put up the jump ramps halfway through, and to Inception Cyclery for the perfect race overhaul and adjustment!

Jamie and Stephen
Picture provided by Kyra Paterson

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